Baby Wipes to Remove Eye Makeup

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Hi everyone, its June and welcome back to my website, and today’s website I am going to show you how to save money on makeup wipes that’s right.

I’m sure like many of you do the same thing I do and you buy the Neutrogena wipes but they can get very expensive. I mean sometimes they’re like $7.99 for a full packages that travel pack.

Baby Wipes to Remove Eye Makeup

And I believe this was 399 and there’s like seven, seven wipes in here now. I love a Neutrogena, don’t get me wrong it does the job, but a lot of times especially with the packages you know like it it folds up it doesn’t close correctly and the wipes get dry.

So I hate that and I don’t like spending 399, but this little pack, I’m sorry gone what I am using now get ready, let’s do a drumroll.

I am using pampers sensitive that’s right baby s wipes that’s right on my face, and if you look at the ingredients it’s so much better for your face and it has castor oil in it.

So I’m actually wiping all my makeup off with better ingredients and this was 399 and you get 64, and not only that it closes the right way they have they have travel size which has a little clicker.

I’m sorry yeah has a little clicker like that and not only that these are huge this look, but what they’re huge now I’m going to show you how I take off my makeup how well it does for the job the only thing.

I don’t like about this is taking off the lipstick it makes your lips taste a little salty but you can get rid of that in a second, but that’s the price you have to pay right, so I want I just want to show you how much a kicks ball.

I one shatori look my makeup look at this one two three Hey wake up look you can see and it’s sensitive so if it’s sensitive for your baby’s ass wish I say their bottom it’s sensitive enough for your face come on look but look a dead lady dad.

So I’m gonna take a little bit of the corner cuz I don’t want to put that on my eye, but I’m just going to show you how well it takes off my makeup.

I’m a little rough on my eyes and people say you shouldn’t be because it’s very thin tissue here but try to go as gentle as I can, but let me just show you and it’s castor oil.

Hello guys you know that I’ve been putting castor oil on my look at this already look, I’ve been putting castor oil on my eyelashes and so this is an added plus look at that would you just look at that but oh it’s me look it’s me sorry for that noise.

I’m by my front window and you know trucks always coming down here but come on look a nice nice, and gentle nice and gentle and how many waves 564.

You can even cut them in half if you don’t have as much makeup on as I do. I had a lot of makeup on because I was doing a makeup tutorial so I have a lot of makeup on.

So I would probably need two wipes but for everyday makeup perfect let’s do the other, sudden let’s dim my lips wash up come comes right off come come on could, it be any better than this look at this as my lips my eyes.

And my face in here I’m putting this on eBay let the bidding begin but anyway no seriously I just think it’s much better for your face and it’s sensitive and it has better ingredients and the castor oil for the eyes.

So I don’t know how everybody will react to this so I’m not saying that you should because I don’t know your skin tight, but I think it’s definitely worth trying out because like I said, so much better in my opinion this is just my opinion and that’s it.

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