Best Eye Makeup Remover for Waterproof Mascara

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Hi everybody welcome back to my website, my name is Emily. My favorite makeup today is this, this is from wet and wild. This is the loose highlighting powder in the shade, moon tiers this is part of the new Gothic graphic collection that just came out.

I think this was I think $7.99, it’s basically a ton on I mean 8/10. Let me see exactly how much yet, this is 8 grams of product in here. I put it all over my shoulders and I also use it as a highlighter today although I’m a little sweaty at this point cuz.

Best Eye Makeup Remover for Waterproof Mascara

I’m in Florida but it really is very beautiful a little over this goes a very long way and I just think it’s really a stunning, stunning loose highlighting powder especially for the price.

And now onto the article in for today’s website we’re going to be taking a look at some waterproof eye makeup removers.

So the first one we’re gonna be trying out today is the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover with cameron flower extract. This is actually a small sample size I got in a play box a couple of months ago.

So I haven’t really used it too much, and then we’re gonna be comparing that against. This is from Lancome, this is the beifuss ill, double action eye makeup remover this is also supposed to be able to take off waterproof makeup as well.

So I’m going to use one on one eye today, and one on the other and see which one does better. So in terms of pricing this Sephora if you buy the 4.2 ounce size costs $11 and the Lancome if you buy the same size is 30, so this is definitely a lot cheaper.

They sort of resemble each other but this is actually a blue liquid whereas this is a blue bottle. So this I believe is actually clear once you pour it out both of these, you’re supposed to shake them before using them and they’re just be very gentle in your eyes, and dermatologist tested that sort of thing as well.

So we’re gonna use the Sephora on this side of my eyes, so we’re gonna give this the little shake to get that ready so just to know what’s on my eye at the moment.

So I did put a primer potion down today from Urban Decay then I’m wearing a Stila glitter, and glow in the shade C siren. I’m also wearing the Marc Jacobs Omega lash mascara.

And I’m wearing Kat Von D tattoo liner in the shade trooper, so that’s what is on there, today there’s not a ton of eye makeup but still it usually it’s the Kat Von D, this the hardest to get off really, just any eyeliner is the hardest to get off for me put the product on the pad when you get to work on the side.

So we went to happy hour takes, we’re almost done with this trip and we also went over to the mall and went a little bit of shopping and then we went back and went in the pool.

Sometimes going the pool makes me makeup even worse to deal with I am, fairly impressed with the performance on the eyeliner, however I can see this pulled out two of my eyelashes and there is still mascara on my eyes.

We’re gonna go in again but a little bit lighter, so for round one with the Sephora it did take off most of the eyeliner the mascara, did not come off with this particular color and it did actually pull some of my lashes out, so while I’m glad it took off the product.

I’m not glad with how it is working on my actual eye it does feel very soft on the skin, and doesn’t feel like abrasive or annoying, but it also feels a little bit greasy which tends to be the case of these.

I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of thing but you know I’m willing to try it, because I’m having a hard time getting my makeup off right, and now on to the Lancome.

A lot of the times with the Lancome you can also get these if you buy Lancome product, these often will come like in one of the gift sets they do, so I do often get this from like my mom if she has extra.

It’s a bad product necessarily, it’s just I’ll be honest. I’ve never actually paid the $30 to buy this bottle. I’ve gotten it in another kit so certainly it’s a ton of product though.

So this one is not blue, this is actually clear on the pad and now we’re gonna go to work on this side, the Lancome is actually having a hard time with the Stila, there’s still a lot litter just sitting here, it did take the eyeliner off pretty easily.

I’m pretty impressed but the mascara also is not really coming off either. So now there’s litter in between my eyebrows which is not what I was hoping for malenko mall, so has a slightly peculiar scent.

It I don’t really notice much of anything scented wise with the Sephora, but the Lancome definitely has like a sweet. I want to say like old lady smell to think that weird old rose perfume kind of smell.

And like that’s, just you know that’s what I associated with and here’s what each of the pads look like in, the end it almost looks like the hopefully there was more makeup on the Sephora side but there really wasn’t.

I really put the same amount on both sides, so it’s just interesting how this is sort of like absorbed it more centrally, and this is more spread out so pros and cons.

I do feel like the Sephora feels nice around, the skin it’s not nearly as greasy however because the Lancome is a little bit gentler, it was much better preserving my eyelashes whereas.

The Sephora pulled a couple of them out the Lancome did much better on mascara, but the Sephora performed better again the steely glitter in glow.

I think overall though based on just the last situation. I would have to go with the Lancome even though it is a lot more expensive, just I don’t need to lose any more lashes than I already do on a normal basis, so for that alone I’m gonna have to disqualify the Sephora.

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