Best Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

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Hi guys, welcome back to my website. So just these skis the stranger voice I have been very sick and hopefully I can get through this website without it going completely.

So one of the most common questions I have on my channel is how to get off stubborn waterproof mascara, obviously you guys know I love mascara.

And the mascara I use like the Maybelline lash sensational, the benefit back out bang and the Lancome this, your big mascaras are all like quite hard mascaras to remove particularly the benefit back out bang as it is water resistant.

Best Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

So people have been asking me love, the samskara, but how did you get it off. It’s a nightmare like you’re there for hours, rubbin, scrubbing, whatever you need to do trying to get it off.

And it’s a bit of a fuss, and there’s just a bit more than who you really want me nutrit role little of, a it’s a bit more work than you really want to be doing at the end of the day when all you want to do is get in your bed.

So why I’m here to show you how to make life easier for yourselves, how to make it easier to get rid of using this, and SCARA and this is what I’m wearing to say I do have the benefit that I’ll bang on today.

So we can show you how to get this tough water resistant mascara off easily without damaging your eyes, without using eyelashes which is very important.

I really hope you guys can understand a one single word I’m saying with this like half of the voice okay, so why do you always use one of two makeup removers.

I’ve never Clinique take the day off, and this is the makeup remover for lids lashes and lips, and this is they’re like liquids there’s also like balm which is really really good as well or I use the Mac cleanse off oil and this is the tranquil one just in the travel size.

I will sometimes just use my like baby wipes take my makeup off. But I do find that when you’re dealing with like a hard mascara rubbing your lashes, and just trying to use a wipe.

You’re gonna rub on your under eye area, quite a bit you might also pull lashes out or rub lashes to the degree that they fall out and that’s not do don’t want to you, please lashes we don’t want to damage our under eye area.

And I do feel like these types of makeup removers are much kinder and require a lot less effort. I’m just going to show you quickly with the Mac cleanse off oil how easy it is to take this mascara off.

So let’s see you can see my situation, so just gonna squirt some of that oil into my hands. So yeah, then I just rub my hands together and obviously the main thing is to take the eye makeup off.

I’m also gonna take the rest of it off this, stuff smells lovely. So what I’m doing is just massaging my eye area really gently so I’m not rubbing this area, it’s more massaging movement really kind and gentle and then I so I focus that, because that’s where most of my makeup is that really needs work.

So focus there, and then I just like massage across the rest of my face to get everything else off as well, and this makeup remove it is like really activated with water.

You put on to dry skin and then once you feel like you’ve loosened everything off, you don’t just go and swoosh with some water and it literally just everything just falls off your face, it’s really good to get down on your neck as well if you take your foundation down your neck as you can see.

I look mental, but you can see that basically that mascara is all gone. So now all I need to do is just go and splash with some water, so I’m just gonna quickly go and do that now okay.

So all I did was just went and just switched my face with a nice warm water like three or four times, and all of that has just washed off so next up I’m going to use my Garnier micellar water.

You put two pads got more pads together soak with the micellar water, and then I squeeze them together so that the water goes through both paths. I just forgot you use less product that way but you soak two parts.

I don’t know, this is just me that does this it’s just quicker and then I’ll take these and just go over my face, is it just to get any last bits that might be hanging around.

And I’ll go really gently as my eyes, and just the underneath all around my nose, all those tough little crevasses to get in your hairline definitely down your neck to get any foundation that you put down your neck, and just really gently over the eye area you can see there’s quite.

A bit of foundation on here but literally like no mascara because that oil gets it all off just really easily, so there’s literally nothing left on my eyes at all just a little bit of foundation in places like my ears and down my neck which is hard good and that is it’s so quick.

So easy didn’t leave any last year’s thing, anything in my eyes wasn’t there’s hours rubbing damaging my under eye area. Everything is off including my water resistant tough to remove mascara it literally takes like a few seconds and it’s easy as that you guys find this website helpful if you did please like and subscribe before you go.

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