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Hi guys, and welcome back to my website in case you’re interested in finding out more about coconut oil especially when it comes to removing your makeup.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of makeup remover ads, where with just one swipe or the whole makeup is gone that never happens even with the best of the best makeup removers, even the ones. I love us so much, they need work they need time.


I honestly don’t know what clicked in my head the day I decided to remove my makeup with coconut oil, but trust me when I say the minute I remove my makeup we coconut oil.

The first thing that I thought was why haven’t I been doing this till now, in fact a virgin coconut oil and by the way what’s meant with a virgin coconut oil is the natural pure oil from the coconut milk which is prepared without using chemicals or heat treatment.

It doesn’t have to be a particular brand, that’s why I’m not really showing you your what brand IQs, all I did is fill it up in this container once I use it up.

I refill it in this tiny container, any bread as long as it says raw or virgin or cold pressed coconut oil would do, virgin coconut oil has been actually used as a moisturizer for centuries especially in the tropic region.

Now because we’re using this as a makeup remover, it means we’re gonna put it all over our face so is it safe to be used on our skin now, of course. I’m taking the risk off telling you all to put coconut oil on your face, but I have done my research, and I have found that coconut oil is totally safe to be used on the face.

Fact number one, virgin coconut oil VCO is an emollient which means it soothes and softens your skin, it is so soothing and that it can even be used for the treatment of cirrhosis which is the medical name for dry skin.

Fact number two is that VCO is a non irritant, in fact it has been then that it has antimicrobial properties which means if you are acne prone or if you have sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about.

Fact number three is that it’s totally safe to use on your arm and around your eyes, it does not irritate them. However if you put too much, you might experience some blurred vision that will go away in couple of minutes and it will absolutely not harm your eyes.

Fact number four talking about the eyes, the oil moisturizes your lashes and that’s the real reason why I stopped using all my makeup removers, and I’m exclusively using coconut oil.

A lot of women put coconut oil directly on their lashes, it makes them stronger, you will notice how less will start falling out and you will really have longer and thicker eyelashes.

Fact number five is that coconut oil is non comedogenic, which means it does not clog your pores so it’s totally safe to leave it on your skin and go to bed.

The last fact of today fact number six is that it’s not a photo toxic, which means if you have it on your skin and you’re exposed to the Sun, it is not damaging in fact, it has a protective role against the UVB radiation.

There are a lot of more benefits to coconut oil, however I wanted to concentrate on the ones that have to do with applying it on your face because this is a website about removing your makeup with it.

Now I’m going to remove my makeup using a coconut oil, but before I start there are some things I want to tell you first of all these are the towels I use.

I place a bunch of them next to my sink, and once I use them of course it will get dirty, so I’ll just throw them in the laundry bin and you don’t have to worry about anything.

And when you wash them, they don’t stain at all. The reason why I preferred towels on using wipes is that the webs contain chemicals, and the whole point is to use coconut oil on its own.

One last thing is I remove my face makeup and my lips first, and then I do my eyes, and the reason for that is when you start with your eyes, your fingers are going to get really black.

And then you’re going to spread all that black oil over your face, there’s nothing wrong with that, you can do that but just to keep things clean, I always start with the face and then go to my eye.

And for today’s article, I hope you like it very much and I hope that it can be useful for you, especially about coconut oil makeup remover.

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