Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

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Hey guys so I wanted to share with you guys my recipe for my eye makeup remover, I do make my own at home, my bottle is empty, so it’s time for me to make a new batch anyway.

I’ve been using this recipe for probably about a year now. I really like it and I just thought it would be fun to share it, so first things first I start with a pump.

This is a pump bottle anyway this is one where it’s like twist shut, this used to be an old Windex like their surface cleaner, and I washed it out super well before you know I put stuff that I was going to put my eyes on it.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

But I have seen similar bottles like this kind of buys like the nail polish area like now posh remover area of like Walmart Target Ulta um it’s that’s they’re called a flapper bottle.

So you would put your cotton round here and pump it and the product comes up onto it, so you don’t have to like pour or anything, but anyway this is the bottle I use. I really like it.

So I just keep using it and I do have it labeled with a sharpie eye makeup remover. I just like to label things because you don’t want to like miss anything so there’s only three ingredients which i think is pretty cool.

The first ingredient is water, and I have one cup of water here that I’m going to pour in very carefully. So I’m not going to hold it up but that’s the first ingredient that’s the base of this concoction or potion or whatever you want to call it, kind of like potion, I’ve been rereading Harry Potter right now.

So I’m all about the potions okay, so that is the majority of this bottle, as you can see it goes all the way up to here that is the biggest like chunk of ingredient.

So you know make sure your bottle can hold at least a cup maybe like a cup and a half to be sure, so that is the first part the next part is I add in oil and I know oil and water don’t necessarily mix but there’s a lot of removers you know where you shake it. This is one of the ones that you need to shake, you know activate it and everything.

So I use liquid coconut oil this is expeller press that means is always liquefied. I find that that works easiest in the you know kind of texture of eye makeup remover. I want you could definitely use any oil though and I use one tablespoon of that.

So I’m going to pour in a tablespoon of my oil in here to measure it out and then I’m going to put it into my container, so trying not to make a mess here on my desk, alright. I’m just going to pour this and no there, we go now I did still a little bit.

I’m just going to add just a tiny bit more in so you will have a layer, you know clearly the oils on top and the waters on bottom, so that is normal and then the last ingredient is actually baby shampoo.

I use the tear free, I would recommend the tear free for your eyes and I wanted the most natural I could find, so I went with the Burt’s Bees formula it’s the bad what baby B shampoo and wash tear free it’s 98.9% natural.

So that made me feel pretty good. I know making it tear free does include some chemicals, but this is around my eyes. I want to include it so I include and I just use one tablespoon.

I’m gonna fill this up, and then I’ll tell you why I include this. I include it because I used to get problems with like skies around my eyes, and the best way to combat that is to like clean your eyes out with like a soap.

So I decided I’m just gonna put it into my eye makeup remover so every night when I’m taking off my makeup, I’m cleaning that area and I find that it also really helps to get off any residual makeup, it’s really good.

And helpful with waterproof makeup. I am just dumping this into my container right now, that’s why I’m kind of looking down but when I did spill something there too.

So I’m just gonna add a little squirting but it really helps with making sure your eyes are actually like clean in your eyelashes, and I use this on my eyebrows too.

So just making sure that that whole area is claimed, so this is what it looks like that settles down to the bottom, down here you have your water and then your oil and I’m just going to put my top back on.

That is my eye makeup remover, I’m gonna lock the top and so to use it at night like I said, I will put a clip in of me using it later when I am you know at the end of the day right take off my makeup.

You just go ahead and shake it up really well, and it’s going to kind of become more of a foggy, with you know, kind of liquid with bubbles at the top activating, you know the soap and the oil and everything together.

I just pump a couple of pumps onto a cotton round and then hold it onto my eyes for 30 seconds, and wipe away and everything pretty much is melted off, and then I go back in and just get with leftover.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this website like I said I’m going to insider’ demo right about now, and yeah I hope you guys enjoy.

So let me know if you give this a try, I think it’s a really nice formula and I have been really happy with it, so I thought I would share it alright.

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