Olive Oil Eye Makeup Remover

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I have all my makeup on my Valentine’s makeup look, maybe you’re wondering how can I take my makeup off well. The answer is olive oil, but how do you use olive oil to take your makeup off well, I’m going to show you, okay good.

So first you will need a cotton ball or cotton round and you are going to pour the olive oil directly onto it, and then gently put it over your eye, and gently rub your eye with olive oil on fat, now I’m going to demonstrate it for you.

Olive Oil Eye Makeup Remover

So first pour a little olive oil onto your cotton round and then gently press it over your eyelid, you can let it sit for a couple seconds if you want, but I usually just go straight into white being gently white.

I have glitter on so this is going to be a lot more complicated and take longer, but if you don’t have glitter which 99% of you, probably are not wearing glitter it will be a lot easier ladies since.

I have so much eye makeup on and glitter, that’s why I’m starting with my eyes first and that’s why I’m applying olive oil directly onto a cotton round which will help remove the glitter rather than turn it all over my face.

But there is a second way, usually when I’m not wearing eye makeup that I will do, and you will need a warm washcloth with as warm of water as you can take.

So you don’t want hot, just very nice and warm. So pour the olive oil into your hand gently warm it up in your hands, by massaging your hands, you want to warm up the oil a little and then you’re going to slowly start massaging it into your dry skin.

You want to massage it into your dry skin, rather than what skin and this will look very scary if you have a red lipstick on, and a lot of eye makeup because they will start smearing all over your face that’s.

Okay after you massage it for about a minute and take your warm towel and gently, start with a circular motion throughout your face.

And you will find that it will gently remove all your makeup, you may have to go in the second time with olive oil and repeat the same steps if you have a lot of makeup, so after all your makeup is removed then you want to follow with skin care.

So I sprayed one of my favorite moisturizing spray sprays, then I want to enter with my SK to the essence, and I gently pour it into my palm, warm it in my hand and press it on my skin.

And then I follow with my snail mucin which is a snail slime and very moisturizing, and soothes the skin and heals on the skin too.

Then I apply some lip products and finally follow with my SPF moisturizer during the day. Now another option if you don’t want to pour it from olive oil, a large heavy container is that you can buy a small plastic dispenser, and pour olive oil and dispenser.

And so you can store it in your sink and it’s not so big or heavy, so thank you very much for reading it, hopefully this is useful for you and I hope you want to share it with your friends.

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