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Hey what city is Judy here with my life as a guy, my setting is a little bit different because today’s website is going to be a makeup removal website. We are in […]

Hello everybody welcome back to pixie moon, and I hope you’re all having a good day. This is my products, I can’t live without products. I rebuy because I think they’re great and […]

Hi everyone welcome back. I’ve just gone back from vacation from Ottawa over the Christmas holidays. And I’m in that stage right now between Christmas and New Year’s, but I don’t really know […]

We’re back hi today. I’m so excited of course Emily love you Emily, and we are going to go through our favorite drugstore products, like are you kidding me like these are a […]

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel. I literally just finished make this website. Then the doorbell rang and the FedEx guy was here, and he brought me the new oops makeup […]

I’m Elora Murray, the global instructional developer here at unique corporate, and today we are doing some training on our two newest unique royalty products. The unique royalty cleansing stick and the unique […]

Hi guys, so for today’s article I thought I would do a little get unready with me, and show you how I take off my makeup and the skincare products I use to […]

Hey guys, welcome back! I’m Felicia and I’m Nina and today we’re gonna be talking about cleansing the face, pretty straightforward right, take off the grime, take off the dirt with a simple […]

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my website. My name is Madi and you know, thank you so much for being here. I really really do appreciate, it okay. So today’s article is […]

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my website. I’m gonna be sharing with you a really easy way to take off your makeup. This method is all natural and you don’t need to […]